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From the ashes of musical hist’ry The Minstrel’s Ghost rises again to enchant and mesm’rize audiences all throuought the realm.

He bringeth with him st’ries of old, fables from the past, the hist’ries of most wondrous deeds, most wondrous men and women and some not so most wondrous.

With the help of musical instruments and the pow’r of the spoken w’rd The Minstrel’s Ghost is sure to maketh thee smileth, maketh thee weepeth and maketh thee danceth the days away!

From this day forward, all shalt rememb’r The Minstrel’s Ghost and his gl’rious tales. From the tales of King Arthur and Camelot and Robin Hood and his M’rry Men to the bawdy tales of Geoffrey Chaucer and Giovanni Boccaccio and so much more, all art sure to leaveth this place with a little more knowledge of hist’ry.